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What do we offer?

SNIC provides a technological tool which helps professionals to optimise decision-making and improves productivity and also to act at the right time, controlling in real time the conditions of temperature, humidity, CO2, or filling levels.

Cordless sensors

We use different communication networks so that the data from the sensors arrive always in real time and you have all the data at your fingertips.


Connectivity in real time

The data collected by the network of sensors are transferred to the “cloud”, which allows connection to the information in real time from any device with Internet access.

Likewise it allows access to the historical record and the obtaining of graphs, reports, spreadsheets, etc.

Notifications by Alarms

When the values of the parameters exceed the limits established (above or below a range), the user receives the notifications directly on his/her mobile device and by email so as to allow action at the right time.

Where can I take measurements?

Our cordless devices have been designed so that the sensors can take measurements of the atmospheric and environmental conditions both inside and outside using materials complying with the appropriate quality standards. Likewise they withstand extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and humidity.

Preservation or our heritage

Documentary archives, museums and libraries

Food traceability

Compliance with the legal requirements regarding the registering and traceability of the controlled conditions under which food must be kept in transport and logistics warehouses, restaurants, and supermarkets


BIO-Sanitary sector

Compliance with the legal requirements regarding the registering and quality control of the environmental conditions in sporting and leisure facilities; the registering and control of medicines and vaccinations at chemists’ and health centres.






Discover our systems
Our low-consumption long range cordless devices are easy to install. Our multi-point monitoring system allows professionals to control the conditions of the critical enclaves of their businesses in real time.
We are GSM connectivity suppliers providing the necessary devices if the installations do not have their own Internet access.

Your perfect tool

You can access our platform to visualise the data record from a PC at your office or from anywhere by means of our app which is available for telephones and tablets (Apple or Android)

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